Monday, December 9, 2019

BKR130 : HELLBASTARD - Hate Militia CD is out now!!!

First time re-issue from original self release on demo tape in 1987. This CD contains 12 page booklet with classic photo, band liner note and original 8 track including bonus unreleased tracks taken from rough mix of Natural Order (1989) album also come with obi strip. A totally raw & dirty classic crust!

After the Ripper crust tape here is another Hellbastard demo: Hate militia tape was recorded in summer of 1987 and Hellbastard have made their step to metal territory and started adding some metal influences that can easily be found here but they stay in the crust fields too balancing somewhere in the middle - CRUST DEMO.

Track List :

1. INTRO (for hammerhead..r.i.p)

Unreleased tracks NATURAL ORDER 1989 (Rough Mix)

Track 9-19

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

BKR129 : GESS - Suffer damage CD is Out Now!!!

Demo re-issue on CD version before the band changed name to Lydia Cat's. One of the band came from era of Violent Party same along with GAI, CONFUSE, NOT CUT and SEIG HEIL. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

BKR128 : INFLUËNZIA - KØNFLIK Cassette EP is out now!

New EP from INFLUËNZIA with 5 track devastating noisy crust punk by strong influence of Japanese crust and Finnish Hardcore. Limited pressing 200 copies worldwide.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

BKR127 : ASOCIAL / DISTRUST - Live at International Youth Centre 28/4-84 CD is out now!

Live split between 80's Swedish Hardcore ASOCIAL and DISTRUST in 1984 that recorded at I.Y.C. This CD contain 16 page booklet with lyrics, photo and note liner by the band member and also a bonus tracks. Original release on cassette version by Dis-Cassette label in 1984.

Track list

1. Asocial - Total Slakt
2. Asocial - Glöm Era Planer
3. Asocial - Jag Hatar Dom
4. Asocial - Djurens Låt
5. Asocial - Sjukt System
6. Asocial - Militär Diktatur
7. Distrust - Vi Rustar Dom Dör
8. Distrust - Torterad Ångest
9. Distrust - Fred Med Vapen
10. Distrust - Ungdomens Agressioner
11. Distrust - Da Utslagnas Samhälle

Bonus tracks

12. Asocial - En dod snut, en bra snut
13. Asocial - Krossa nazismen
14. Asocial - Samhallets offer
15. Asocial - Lat dom inte lura dig
16. Asocial - Untitled
17. Asocial - Religios moral
18. Asocial - Sjuk tortyr
19. Asocial - Untitled 2
20. Asocial - Hardcore song
21. Distrust - Valj ditt liv
22. Distrust - Regeringens javla pahitt
23. Distrust - Det ar dags att vakna nu
24. Distrust - Fred och frihet

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

BKR124 : 偏執症者 PARANOID - Complete Paranoid discography 2012-2017 Digipack 2 x CD is Out Now!

Complete Paranoid discography since 2012 until 2017. 50 track double cd in Digipack format. Comes with obi strip, 16 pages booklet and hidden bonus track. All track mastering by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station.

偏執症者 (Paranoid) is a Swedish hardcore/raw-punk/metal band from Frösön, formed in 2012. The foundation of the band’s savagery is in the Disclose-inspired noise blended with Venom-styled black metal, conjuring a destructive vortex of violently rotating northern winds of head banging chaos and pure D-beat fury. The intense sound combines the best traditions of Swedish råpunk and loud Japanese insanity.


6-8 Taken from 'DISTORTION FAITH #1- V/A'
9-12 Taken from SPLIT w/ ABSOLUT
13 Previously unreleased
14 Taken from 'CRITICAL MASS #2 - V/A '
15 Previously unreleased
16-18 Taken from 'PUNKDEMONIUM HELL'
19 Previously unreleased
20-22 Originally by DISCLOSE
23-25 Taken from 'PRAISE NO DEITY'
26-27 Taken from ' THE NEW WAVE OF THE GRAVE NEW BEAT #2 V/A'
28 Previously unreleased
30 Originally by MISFITS


1-6 Taken from 'HARDORE ADDICT'
7-9 Taken from 'LIVE AT HAVE A GOOD LAUGH FEST 2016'
10 Previously unreleased
11-20 Taken from 'SATYAGRAHA'

*Plus a bonus hidden track.

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Monday, August 26, 2019

BKR126 : JANKY -Dead society 1983-1987 CD is out now!

80's Japanese punk from Yokohama along with Systematic Death, Mad Conflux , Toxic Noise etc A CD version from LP by FOAD records.

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