Saturday, March 26, 2016

Out Now!! BKR077 - FILTHY HATE 'the demo' Pro Cassette

TOKYO Stench Corpse Hardcore Crust! This cassette contains tracks from their 1st Demo ' Hatred stench corpse' ( with female vox ) and 2nd Demo ' Possessed to Satan' (only male vox). Both demo's has been sold almost more than 400 copies just only in Japan and we decided to re-released it back under our label in 2016. Its sound fast, catchy,heavy raw and crust as fuck! on crazy guitar style and insane drum beat with total fucking hardcore/ crossover Thrash madness!. This is late 80's UK Hardcore style like  ELECTRO HIPPIES , HERESY, CONCRATE SOX, NAPALM DEATH, RIPCORD,UNSEEN TERROR, DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS, INTENSE DEGREE Etc. Member of  ISTERISMO , TANTRUM, RAW DISTRACTION, ZENOCIDE, ex- DEATHRIBE and SUMMER OF DEATH!. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pengedar Tempatan Rilisan Black Konflik Records

Rilisan terbaru kami kini boleh di dapati di distro / kedai tempatan berdekatan anda secara mailorder atau COD

Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley

- BLOOD OF WAR Records
- RAWK OF AGES / campbell complex , KL
- WARCLOUD Records / Serdang - 0199693252
- NOISE HIPSTER Distro - 0183744138


- EXIT MUSICK Distro / Jerantut - 0134029573
- SICKHEAD Records / Temerloh - 0179007090


- GREENPEACE Distro / Pasir Gudang - 0139653525
- 321GO Distro / JB - 0127734664


-BEBAL MAILORDER - 0126541053
-OVERPAIN Records - 0102860828

SENSE OF CRISIS Reh/Demo Cassette ( self released) distributed by Black Konflik out Now!!

Interested? Limited 100 pcs with hand numbered! email at : blacxkonflik ( at )