Monday, April 23, 2012

News : Updated

The pressing factory have call me that EFFLUXUS tapes will be done by this friday. I'll pick up it on that day. So, this release can be sell on 18th may which the date that band starting their touring. So anybody that interested in doing a pre-order,u can make it now. The tapes release tracks same with the 12" , which is 8 songs. Cassette version never die!!

Coming Up Next on May!

DISORDER  ' perdition + 1980 demo tracks'  CASSETTE
SKANKA 'demo 2011'  CASSETTE

more ,more and more!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Out now!!! DISCHARGE 'indoctrination of the masses' CD


TITLE : Indoctrination of the masses



PRESSING : 1000pcs worldwide


17 tracks including 3 live tracks. The tracks is taken from previous releases. This CD is OFFICIAL RELEASE by Black Konflik and will be directly distribute by Discharge on their show at EXTREME OBSCENE FEST 2012 and mailorder by our label. All tracks singing by RAT since he join Discharge.

Track listing :
  1. the blood of innocent
  2. cctv
  3. will deceive you
  4. kept in the dark
  5. ignorance is your surrender
  6. you take part creating a system
  7. hell is war
  8. the more i see
  9. never again
  10. a hell on earth (live)
  11. realities of war (live)
  12. doomsday (live)
  13. the blood of the innocent ( ep version)
  14. beginning of the end
  15. they lie you die
  16. legacy you left behind
  17. propaganda feeds

Saturday, April 14, 2012

News : Updated

The EFFLUXUS sleeve and master have been send to the printing and pressing factory, it will take a few weeks. So, the confirm date to released is on 18 May 2012. So if you interested in pro done cassette version, please email us for info.

New release for this April will be out very soon. Please visit us day to day. What band? , we love to give some surprise ;)

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Monday, April 9, 2012

News : Kompilasi band-band Crust / Punk Malaysia!

Black Konflik bercadang untuk meriliskan sebuah kompilasi untuk band-band crust dan punk Malaysia. Setiap band yang berminat , hanya memerlukan 2 track sahaja. track samaada previous track atau new recording.

Sekarang dalam perancangan untuk Volume. 1 . Deadline pada bulan 8, tetapi kalau dah cukup band yang comfirm awal, mungkin akan rilis awal. Setiap volume hanya 6 atau 8 band. Tengok pada keadaan secepat mana band comfirm.

Format dalam bentuk pro kaset.

Jikalau band anda berminat boleh email kepada kami untuk perancangan lanjut. Jikalau kompilasi ini mendapat respon yang baik dari band-band, kami akan teruskan dengan volume seterusnya .

Sekian terima kasih ,

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