Friday, February 17, 2012

Out Now!!! KRUEL 'noise not music' CASSETTE


KRUEL ' noise not music' CASSETTE . ( PRO-DONE )

Description :

D-Beat Raw punk/crust band that is based out of Cudahy (a small district in LA), USA. Although it is based out of Cudahy, the members come from all other parts of town. Originally, this band started around 2008 a great live show, mainly due to their very energetic singer. If you're a fan of Disclose, Anti-Cimex, or raw punk in general, you should definitely check this out! . 9 fucking Brutal D-beat noise Raw punk recording. DISCLOSE mix ANTI CIMEX!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

V/A DENY THE REPORT 5 compilation CD



Price : USD 8

Description : revival series finally after six years from the fourth stage of the year announced. 2002 including Japanese 10 bands 10 songs! ! 10 recording of the Japanese band centered on local activity,one song each, a total of 10 songs. EP size jacket will be as heretofore. Also, I want to go with six years ago and deferred price! CODE code recording band EASIES (Tokyo) ENCROACHED (Nagoya) GROANING GROOVE (Tokyo) GORDON IVY & THE JAYBIRDS (Kawasaki) Impala IMPARA (Osaka) ISTERISMO (Yokohama) RINTO (Tokyo) THE SCRIBBLER (Kawasaki) UNARM (Tokyo) (Saitama)

MODERAT LIKVIDATION 'Mammutation' Cassette


Title : Mammutation

Price : USD 5

Description : It feels inevitable to compare Moderat Likvidation to Mob 47 (not that they sound much alike) since both have made a come-back during the last few years, and not just a reunion tour. It’s always a big gamble coming back after twenty years, but Mob 47 did a marvelous job recreating the same old atmosphere when they released the Dom ljuger igen EP. And after hearing the opening track P.K from Mammutation I was very hopeful.

WARVICTIMS 'Lognen om fredsatalet' Cassette


Title : Lognen om fredsatalet

Price : USD 5

Description : This is their 2nd LP and CD version with silver stamp logo. 9 track total make you wanna scream along even all song sung in Swedish. What do you expect? Melodic punk rock? D-beat in your face!!!

SLANG 'Immortal sin' Cassette

Band : SLANG

Title : Immortal sin

Price : USD 5

Description : Holy punch in the balls! The first time I heard this band from Sapporo, Japan was on their Skilled Rhythm Kills CD; they ripped me a new one that took some time to heal. This release sounds even more punishing and shows growth as a band. Thick and heavy Discharge riffage with added metallic flair is the backbone of the powerful sound. The vocals are so gruff and forcefully screamed that you can imagine spit flying into your eyes. A dirty yet punchy bass guitar fills the sound with a thud of bottom end and adds to the force of the music. The drumming sounds like the skins are taking a severe beating and barely made it through the recording session. All together, anger amplified. As more bands from Japan have come over to the states to tour, this is one band I hope to see on our shores.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

BEYOND DESCRIPTION 'Proof of the truth' CD


Title : Proof of the truth

Price : USD 8

Description : Blazing crossover thrash from Japan. B.D Have been going strong since 1988 and are one of Japan's most crucial and long running bands. This album combines the best of Japanese hardcore with the typical Beyond Description sound mixed with old school metal. Essential.

DRILLER KILLER 'and the winner is..' CD


Title : And the winner is...

Price : USD 8

Description : 13 tracks of devastating Swedish hardcore played with unmatched brutality and experience. Thick metal-edged guitars backed by punishing d-beat drumming and extremely harsh low-end vocals courtesy of the bands founder. This album continues to deal out their own brand of raw aggression laced with the harsh realities of life. Pissed off is an understatement...Shit, I just found a new reason that I love these guys. I put the And The Winner Is... cd in my computer to rip the songs, and when I opened the folder, the song titles were all changed. Track 1 Man Overbored comes up as Lion King-Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Track 6 Sliced comes up as The Little Mermaid-Under The Sea, etc. Fucking hilarious. As for the music on this album itself, it is fucking awesome. There's a good mix between simple punk influenced riffing and metal driven breakdowns and solos that the album from becoming too ambient. It's nice to hear a band that doesn't layer a billion fucking guitars over each

DRILLER KILLER 'Cold , Cheap & Disconnected' CD


Title : cold cheap & disconnected

Price : USD 8

Description : This is Driller Killer's sixth full length and it follows the progression that you see in their style when comparing albums not to mention the high levels of kickassitude. This album sticks with their metal infused Scandinavian hardcore sound that their known for as is expected. What really separates this album from the others is that it leans more towards that metal side. More complex fills and solos pull it further away from being thrown in with other hardcore bands. Basically, if you like other Driller Killer releases you're not going to be disappointed by any means. If you haven't heard them but like hardcore or even metal fucking get this. Plus, this album has the most badass Joan Jett cover I have ever heard. (Bones)

DRILLER KILLER 'Fuck the world' CD


Title : Fuck the world

Price : USD 8

Description : These guys are really hard to categorize. There's aspects of metal, punk, crust, hardcore, thrash and all that good stuff. I'd definitely say that thrash, punk, and metal dominate. One consistency across the board is that scent of Swedish background and influence you get from good Scandinavian bands. I would definitely say Fuck The World is very comparable to Disrupt or even Doom.



Title : Reality bites

Price : USD 8

Description : Reality Bites is Driller Killer's fourth full length and has a noticeable style alteration from their release prior to this, Fuck The World, mainly because there seems to be a lot more mid-tempo beats. The fast stuff is still comparable to Disrupt or Doom, but with more thrash / speed metal oriented riffs than Fuck The World. Think D.R.I. or even early 80s Metallica. At the same time, some of the mid-tempo songs remind me of old crust in the category of Extinction of Mankind…

DRILLER KILLER 'The 4Q mangrenade ' CD


Title : The 4Q Mangrenade'

Price : USD 8

Description : The 4Q Mangrenade is Driller Killer's latest album and is consistent with their sound as of late. I found it to be quite reminiscent of Reality Bites and Cold Cheap and Disconnected. At the same time this album pulls away from their sound on the last two albums, taking Swedish hardcore in a new direction. As I've said before, Driller Killer's sound is constantly progressing from album to album.

MASSMORD 'Inget liv / Inget dod' CD


Title : Inget liv / Inget dod

Price : USD 8

Description : 11 tracks of downtuned and dark Swedish hardcore with lots of piercing guitar leads, brutal bass lines, whirlwind drumming, and dual fe/male trade-off vocals. And even though this might fall under the category of modern melodic crust it's overall much faster than the average bands playing similar styles. Think Wolfbrigade and To What End? mixed with some From Ashes Rise and Kylesa.

DISGUST 'The horror of it all' CD


Title : The horror of it all

Price : USD 8

Description : Disgust have been around the block a few times now, releasing records on both Earache and Nuclear Blast. Disgust play a brutal mix of crust/grind, hardcore and Swedish thrash. Their sound just kicks you in the teeth and never lets up for the course of the 17 tracks on here, really brutal stuff. Overall if you like stuff like Disrupt, Benumb, Discharge, Otophobia, Word Salad.. all of the crusty grinding stuff, you're going to love this. Disgust simply destroy, highly recommended!

CRIPPLE BASTARD 'your lies in check' CD


Title : your Lies in check

Price : USD 8

Description : Well after a delay of 5 years this finally sees the light of day. Cripple Bastards have been at it for well over a decade now and we have decided to re-release their first studio album (a classic grind album thats been sold out for almost a decade now.) This is the one people have been asking me for, for years now and it's your chance to finally own a copy. This also features brand new mastering and artwork not featured on the original recording. Get this grindcore classic now before it's too late again.