Monday, November 16, 2020

BKR147 : 偏執症者 PARANOID - Out Raising Hell CD is Out Now!

Swedish D-beat maniacs are back again with ten new merciless tracks of punk-metal. From the depths of hell, this is the climax in mind-chilling terror! Third studio album from Swedish punks from hell! High voltage and earslaughter!!. Engineered and produced by Jocke D-takt, mixing by Joel Grind, and mastering by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Cover artwork by Anton Atanasov and logo by Sugi.

Tracklist :

1. 晦冥勢力 (Kaimei Seiryoku)
2. 機械仕掛けの殺戮者 (Kikaijikake No Satsurikusya)
3. まだ見ぬユートピア (Mada Minu Yuutopia)
4. 光の館 (Hikari No Yakata)
5. 墓場の目 (Hakaba No Me)
6. 闇夜の火炎 (Yamiyo No Kaen)
7. 汚れた支配者 (Yogoreta Shihaisya)
8. 狂気の端 (Kyoki No Hashi)
9. 皆殺し (Minagoroshi)
10. 地獄の軍勢 (Jigoku No Gunzei)

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