Sunday, September 14, 2008

Asian crust punk Forum

Please visit this for more information about Asian punk/crust scene.

cheers to Bidan for his re great Abang Bidan Hemsem

Friday, August 22, 2008

Out now!! on August 2008

LAUTSTURMER 'audioplague outbreak alert' Cassette EP
Swedish brutal hardcore crust! 5 track new EP recorded April 2008 - RAW, BRUTAL meets early Swedish raw-punk style! Fooking A! Highly recommended

Sunday, July 6, 2008

CHAOS DESTROY 's/t' Cassette is out now!!!

BKR030 CHAOS DESTROY s/t Cassette
Recently increasingly chaotic - like shape has been NOIZUKOASHIN from overseas, Dear JAPANESE PUNX a new challenge has arrived! The name also CHAOS DESTROY! They operate in the United States released by the same American KAMIKAZE NOISE and the split CD-R recordings, Comp recorded tape recordings, and unpublished sources, the editorial board recorded CD-R! Sound direction is the recent arrival of goods by type PISHA KAMIKAZE NOISE! I'll nerve to edge away at the guitar noise DORANKUNOIZU BONBONBONBONKYATCHI and Joe's specialty-base line, and like a rutting monkeys have kicked or walk like an insane screaming vocals are wild-G NDEMO MEGANOIZUKOA of rain in a very special reason! All 14 songs, I listen to the looting will be an important preparation is good? ! CHAOS AND DESTROY! !

GERM ATTAK 'live with T.R.U.S.H' Cassette is out now!!!

BKR029 GERM ATTACK 'live with T.H.R.U.S.H' cassette
GERM ATTACK is the stud]spiked D-BEAT NOISE PUNK from QUEBEC, CANADA . This is a new recording track in February 17th,2008 with 15 tracx including cover from almighty KAAOS,DISORDER and CHAOS UK.Crushing tapes of noise soaked hardcore in the vein of Confuse, Lebenden Toten and especially Disorder. This style of hardcore is big in Japan right now, TOTAL UK/DK 1983 taste, early DISORDER! PERDITION! CHAOS UK! MOHAWK! RAW AS FUCK CIDER FULL DISTORTION DAMAGING EAR NOISECORE PUNK AS FUCK CHAOTIC DESTRUCTION!