Monday, December 10, 2018

BKR105 - D.N.A 'Retrospective' Discography CD (w/OBI) LTD 500 gatefold is Out Now!

D.N.A was formed in Sweden in the early eighties same along with ANTI CIMEX, DISARM, SHITLICKERS Etc.They playing in similar show during the time and share same stage together in Sweden and made several recordings, some were released and some not. This CD is a collection of all their material from this period. The vocalist of this band which is Nillen is an original ANTI CIMEX member in the early demo and first 'Anarkist Attack' EP. A classic compilation of 80's Swedish Hardcore Horror!

Swedish 80's Brutal Hardcore complete discography with 18 chaotic tracks taken from rare demo's, A Trip To The Land Of The Dead...And Back 12" , The Halloween Tapes 7" EP , Really Fast Compilation and Live. Featuring Nillen original Anti Cimex member on vocals!

Track Listing : 
1. Psykist Tortyr 
2. Arbetsskygg 
3. Makt Dödar 
4. Heureka! 
5. Disciplin 
6. Döda Hjärnor 
7. 4 Miljarder Döda Kroppar 
8. Intro 
9. Förblindad Av Kriget 
10. Vägra 
11. Like A Motherless Child 
12. In The Desert Of Death 
13. Slaktad 
14. Ensam I Monotonin 
15. Green Onions 
16. Ingen Hjälper Till 
17. 4 Miljarder Döda Kroppar (Live) 
18. Vägra Värnplikt (Live)

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