Friday, November 4, 2016

Out Now!!! BKR087 - MOB 47 ' Sjuk Värld' Pro Printed Cassette (Re-Issue)

Official Re-Issue originally from Ägg Tapes 1984 by Black Konflik in 2016. Side A and B same tracks, red stamping sticker of MOB 47 logo on the jacket sleeve. Each cassette comes with free sticker.

"The recording was made in the Bowling studio using a 4 channel porta equipment. Åke is a great bowler and the band had the studio in a bowling alley owned by his parents. You are to expect raw hardcore in maximum speed." -


1.Vi Kan
2.Dagen Efter
3.Vi Vill Ha Frihet
4.Fred & Rättvisa
5.Var Värld
6.Religion Är Hjärntvätt
8.Nedrusta Nu
10.Sjuk Värld
12.Snuten Styr

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