Saturday, April 21, 2012

Out now!!! DISCHARGE 'indoctrination of the masses' CD


TITLE : Indoctrination of the masses



PRESSING : 1000pcs worldwide


17 tracks including 3 live tracks. The tracks is taken from previous releases. This CD is OFFICIAL RELEASE by Black Konflik and will be directly distribute by Discharge on their show at EXTREME OBSCENE FEST 2012 and mailorder by our label. All tracks singing by RAT since he join Discharge.

Track listing :
  1. the blood of innocent
  2. cctv
  3. will deceive you
  4. kept in the dark
  5. ignorance is your surrender
  6. you take part creating a system
  7. hell is war
  8. the more i see
  9. never again
  10. a hell on earth (live)
  11. realities of war (live)
  12. doomsday (live)
  13. the blood of the innocent ( ep version)
  14. beginning of the end
  15. they lie you die
  16. legacy you left behind
  17. propaganda feeds

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