Monday, January 16, 2012

OSMANTIKOS ' keep fighting oppressive condition' 7" EP


Title : keep fighting oppressive conditions

Price : USD 7 ( Red color Vinyl, last copy!!)

Description : Malaysian Osmantikos have impressed me before and with these five tracks the rats catch my attention again. Maybe their thrashy crustcore has been best represented so far on the Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions 7”, but there’s no denying they’ve crammed a lot of energy and aggression into this recording as well – particularly present in the ending track “Yearning for horn – Chapter 2”.The lyrics are short and to the point, but they also provide long comments on the content, explaining their view on the world this way, seeing as it didn’t all fit within the three-minutes most of these ragers last.

Neither band can be blamed for pushing the envelope here as it’s pretty standardized metallic crustcore, but I don’t mind really as brutality and passion (and passion for brutality) goes a long way - and these two bands have a lot of both.

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