Sunday, August 7, 2011


i have called to write about this because i got a feedback that the inside sleeve have faded and bad printing quality. firstly, im sorry for the mistake, i have get the original artwork by hard copy jacket and it originally faded from the band, so i need to scanning it to the computer and do editing fix. i do my best, and still cant get the best perfectly quality. so i ask for the band to send it via email, but they do not have a scanner machine etc. its ok, i dont mind. i take a time to do the editing to get a smooth perfectly artwork, then i have called to released this quickly because it was too late. so the person that need a explanation please email me personally. its not good to tell anybody the problem. everybody do a mistake, no body perfect. Im sorry for the mistake. do email me if any problem, this my responsibility. i dont want to mess up my relationship in punk global punk scenes.


**** The original jacket before scanning ****

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