Monday, August 23, 2010

Out Now!! BKR039 : CONTRAST ATTITUDE apocalyptic raw assault CASSETTE


BKR O39 : CONTRAST ATTITUDE 'apocalyptic raw assault' CASSETTE

Apocalyptic raw punx wall of noise from Japan! This is the most distorted record of the year, for fans of Confuse, Disorder and Disclose, but expect a more brutal and fat sound.

Price : USD 5 / EURO 4 / RM 8 ( ask for cheap wholesale price)

Note : This cassette should be out on last year, but we have a bit problem in our management and personal. Now we try our best to be threat again in crust/Punk scenes. we'll strikes back with our new released coming soon. TQ.

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Albinaini said...

Salam, just nak maklumkan bro, my fanzine, Abstained Agogo Fanzine #8 dah pun terbit..

60 muka bersaiz A5 dan ditulis dalam bahasa melayu hampir sepenuhnya.

Interview termasuk: Sneaky Sniper, This Order, BurnOut, Collages, PCS, Eleven dan Destruction Zero. Semua band Hardcore tempatan.

maklumat lanjut boleh didapati di blog aku.