Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The punk activities now continued

Hai there!

Im so sorry for the very long time quite from the operation. I got a lot of thing to do , firstly i staying at the place that far from town . The place have no proper post office, internet network sucks and many facilities is not really provided. so its hard for me to run the label. In my weekend day, i doing a part time work for bear a cost of my living. so i really get a difficult time. i already ask a help for my friend to run my label, but something happen. Customer order will get problem like wrong address and late delivery. So Im so sorry for any mistake happen.

Now, i will continue the label again by myself because i already 100% staying at my origin place, my sweet home town haha. We will releasing a new stuff very soon.

keep up visiting us! Thank you so much real punk!


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