Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Arrival : PISSCHRIST 'victims of faith' CD

Title : PISSCHRIST 'victims of faith' CD

Description: Now it's late 2008 and they're back with their second full length (not counting the singles collection) entitled Victims of Faith. It's a definite journalistic cop out to use the phrase "they're not reinventing the wheel," but this is more of the same super blown out crust that you'd expect from Pisschrist. The difference between Pisschrist and just about every other band doing this style is that they're simply better. Beneath the pounding drums, ultra-distorted guitars and the grizzly bear vocals lie actual melodies. I said it, real melodies. You'll be pumping your fist while the actual record is on and drumming on your knees when you're at work. Take one listen to the re-recorded "Run For Your Life" and you'll know what I mean.www.myspace.com/dbeatholocaust

Price : RM 30 ( Local) Inlcuding Postage paid

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