Monday, November 16, 2020

BKR148: J.U.U.M / DEATH RATTLE - Dance With Extreme Fear split CD is Out Now!

A split release from J.U.U.M that known as ( Japan Underground Unholy Method ) a political Anarcho Hardcore Punk from Nagoya and DEATH RATTLE a tribal Hardcore Crust from Himeji with each band deliver 3 track in this CD. The CD also comes with booklet and art work by ENO from AWEN DIY product.

Tracklist :

1. J.U.U.M - Lost Generation
2. J.U.U.M - Shallow Mind
3. J.U.U.M - No Complain
4. DEATHRATLLE - Unnaturally System
5. DEATHRATLLE - Tragic Affectation
6. DEATHRATTLE - Resistance

Listen at :

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